COVID-19 Program Updates

Challenging Academics

We emphasize core subject areas; science, math, social studies, and literacy, in an integrated, hands-on curriculum. The academic work and outdoor exploration fully incorporate arts, music, farm and life skills.

Meaningful Community

With mixed-age classes of approximately 12 students led by an experienced teacher and teaching assistant, we are able to create an effective and safe learning environment. Small classes allow for collaboration and flexibility for travel around and beyond Chewonki Neck.

Unique Resources

Chewonki’s inspiring location on a private, 400-acre peninsula is the ideal setting for place-based education. Students have access to forest, ponds, salt marsh, rocky coastline, miles of trails, as well as our farm, kitchen, and wildlife center.


Lifelong Learners

Through intentionally scaffolded curriculum and experiences, students learn to ask questions and search for information, whether out in the salt marsh or researching in books. They discover that the learning process is enjoyable and that they are ultimately in charge of their learning journey, determining the destination, pace, and goals to attain.

Students are prepared for high school, college, and life. They benefit from a supportive learning community, standards-relevant curriculum, and myriad real-world experiences. We cultivate leaders, problem solvers, critical thinkers, effective communicators, and innovators.

Educating the Whole Child

By focusing on the social, emotional, and physical growth of each individual while teaching core skills and concepts, we are able to nurture well-rounded learners. We provide an appropriate balance of indoor and outdoor learning and exploration, supporting holistic growth and inspiring joyful curiosity.

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