COVID-19 Program Updates

7:45 AM - Optional Early Drop-Off

We offer a flexible start time that supports families with busy schedules. Students can opt to finish up a project or assignment or read quietly before starting the school day.

8:15 AM - Morning Meeting

The social curriculum is a key aspect of the classroom community, and the incorporation of Morning Meeting reflects our dedication to maintaining a positive and successful learning environment. Our Morning Meetings include a daily greeting, share, news and announcements, and an activity.

8:45 AM- Literacy

Our literacy instruction is directly tied to the theme that we are currently working on. Authentic writing projects and Literature Circle book choices allow students to dive deeply into their science and social studies learning.

Students enjoy a well-balanced mix of group and individual instruction in writing, reading, spelling, grammar, and sentence mechanics.

10:15 AM - Snack Time

We eat outside every day, and then play or explore to move our bodies before returning inside to our academic studies.

10:45 AM - Math

We use a math curriculum that aligns with the Common Core State Standards. Our students participate in small group lessons with their grade-level peers and then practice new concepts independently. We also incorporate the math concepts students are learning to our place-based theme studies lessons and projects.

12:00 PM - Lunch

We eat lunch outside every day, in the woods, on the field, at the tennis courts, or sometimes at a more remote destination. Afterward, there is time for free-play or a group game. Our activities change based upon the seasons and include everything from ice-skating and skiing to soccer and fort building.

1:00 PM - Independent Reading

Students enjoy time for independent reading, at times focusing on books of their choosing, and at other times reading assigned Literature Circle book chapters.

1:20 PM - Theme Studies

Place-based science and social studies projects are interdisciplinary and experiential, engaging students in a thematic approach that takes advantage of local resources. Our curriculum emphasizes hands-on, real world, allowing students to develop ties to their community and the natural world.

2:50 PM - Closing Circle

We end our day together, reviewing and reflecting upon our learning and experiences. Students are asked to share a highlight, something they noticed or learned, or what they are most excited about learning.

3:00 PM - School Day Ends

Students head home after a full day. We offer optional after-school programming until 4:00 PM that includes farm chores, running club and outdoor activities, art club, and other seasonal activities.

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