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Not every classroom is in a room!

At Chewonki, we have put our commitment for sustainable living and renewable technologies into practice for decades.

Students get hands-on experience for the stewardship of natural systems and learn sustainable practices that inform a lifetime of behavior.

Chewonki Neck: A whole world of exploration.

Our campus is situated on a 400-acre peninsula in midcoast Maine, with three and a half miles of stunning rocky coastline.

Chewonki is nationally recognized as a model for sustainable management of natural resources.

The Center for Environmental Education

The Center for Environmental Education (CEE) is a modern facility located on in the center of Chewonki that houses the Elementary School, the Traveling Natural History Program and the Chewonki Outdoor Classsroom for Schools.

One of the most notable features of the CEE is Chapin Hall, our largest indoor meeting space, which includes a complete finback whale skeleton suspended from the ceiling.

Built on a Human Scale

While we take every opportunity make use of our outdoor spaces, our Elementary School classrooms are carefully designed support our academic work.

A Comfortable Place for Learning

Big windows, natural light and quiet views of nature help us create an ideal environment for learning and community engagement.

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